Niall Horan on One Direction's Car Crash: "I actually laughed afterwards."

We’re sure you all remember that horrible evening when the beautiful One Direction lads were involved in a car crash at the beginning of the year. We were equally as distressed as you were about the whole thing, but apparently for Niall Horan, he found it hilarious.

Niall Horan laughing

In an interview with Now magazine, Niall explained: “We were leaving a venue in Birmingham. We were three miles out of the city centre and stopped at a set of traffic lights. We were there for a few seconds when a car came into us at 30mph.”

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But then he said: “I actually laughed afterwards. I don’t know why, but I thought it was funny – it felt like being in bumper cars.”

Well we’re glad it was such a giggle for you Niall, we were all in our homes worrying our brains out over you, but whatever.

Niall Horan laughing at car crash

So, is Niall as macho as he made out to be? Did the accident really not give him a fright at all or was he laughing to hide the tears? Considering he laughs on a very regular basis, at just about anything, we wouldn’t put this past him.

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