Harry Styles gets a bra thrown at him

One Direction fans, you really are the girls that just keep on giving. Except what you are giving are your bras, to Harry Styles. And you’re not exactly giving, rather, chucking them at him.

Harry Styles gets a bra thrown at him

While One Direction were going through tweets and chatting to the packed crowd on their tour in Nottingham, one girl, obviously pretty close to the front because bras aren’t the most aerodynamic things in the world, flung her bra onto the stage and gave Harry a fright.

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There were ninja moves from Harry as he kicked the flying mass away from him, before picking it up to investigate. After working out that it was in fact a bra, he did a ‘c’mon’ kind of face, tucked it behind the sofa and then gave the girl a sneaky thumbs up.

Harry Styles gets a bra thrown at him

If you want to witness what happened for yourself, the first 25 seconds of the video are of interest to you. The rest of it is just One Direction being, well, themselves. But by all means, what the whole thing if you want, they are pretty awesome.

We’re going to be honest with you lot, we prefer you throwing your undies at Harry rather than tampons. But how about aiming them at the other members, Harry seems to get all the treats.

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