One Direction's Girlfriends had visiting hours on tour

We reckon it’s probably just about every teenage girls dream to be One Direction’s girlfriend. But would you still want to be their girlfriend if you could only see them for an hour at night while they’re on tour?

One Direction had time slots on tour 

When One Direction spoke to Now magazine and were asked what the girlfriend situation was like on tour, Louis explained: “My girlfriend [Eleanor Calder] and Liam’s [Danielle Peazer] can come in and say hello.”

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However, the ever-sensible Liam added: “We can only have visitors between 7 and 8pm because we’re so busy during the day.”

Obviously this means that they are very committed to their job, which is lovely, but wouldn’t you be tiny bit annoyed that you would only get to see your boyfriend for an hour a night while they were away touring the country? We would.

One Direction's girlfriends had timeslots on tour

There has been no comment from the girlfriends regarding this matter, but we sure do hope that while One Direction are away in America with Big Time Rush they put aside more than an hour a night to chat to their significant others.

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