Harry Styles: 'Caroline Flack was far too demanding'

More and more rumours are surfacing surrounding Harry Styles and Caroline Flack’s recent split. We’ve heard everything from Harry breaking up with Caroline to look clean cut in America to them being forced to split by the big bosses. And now there's this.

Harry Styles says Caroline Flack was too demanding

According to the Metro, Harry Styles said Caroline was ‘far too demanding and wanted to know where I was all the time.’

We’re having a very hard time believing this because judging from that heartfelt tweet he sent out, there wasn’t any nonsense involved when they made their decision to split. And anyway, Harry seems far too lovely to do anything like that.

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Harry Styles says Caroline Flack was too demanding

So there we go. We just wanted to keep you updated with all the goings on, because we’re sure you’re all following this as closely as we are.

Do you think Harry really said that Caroline was too demanding? Let us know your thoughts.

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