Robert Pattinson sleeps with lots of beautiful women for 'Bel Ami'

Whoah. We repeat, this does not mean Kristen Stewart is out of the picture, Robet Pattinson has just been talking about his new film!

Our favourite vampire is branching out, jumping at the chance to play a ruthless womaniser who sleeps with loads of beautiful women in new film, Bel Ami.

The film sees Rob star as charming French lothario, Georges Duroy, who seduces rich Parisienne women out of their fortunes.

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In an interview with the Scottish Herald, he said: "There are lots of attractive women in the film. Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas.. And I sleep with all of them!"


We've already hear that this film involves a lot of thrusting and a whole lot of R-Patz nudity. Perhaps we'll just go and book our tickets to see it right now..

According to Rob, his character isn't exactly boyfriend material though: "The thing that stands out in the story in Bel Ami is just his behaviour - the women that he manages to screw over are all attracted to him to begin with and so he starts having affairs with them and destroys their lives afterwards. That's kind of nuts."

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"My Bel Ami guy doesn't have a conscience. He's so content to do nothing and thinks everything should just be given to him. But if someone slights him, or directs any insults at him, the most overwhelming energy grabs him and he turns into this asolute devil who will do anything."

It's not exactly the type of behaviour we'd expect from Edward Cullen, that's for sure!

Robert Pattinson on the set of Bel Ami

As much as Rob loves playing a vampire, it sounds like it was nice to have a change from playing an old-school romantic: "With Bel Ami, I guess there is something quite fun about going from Edward Cullen to playing a guy who pretty much abuses women to get money out of them.

"Edward so wouldn't approve! So, yes, I thought that was a funny irony."

Edward, shmedward, we can't wait to see R-Patz play the bad guy, but what do you think? Do you prefer Robert Pattinson as a hero or a villain?

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