Harry Styles to take up Pilates?

The young, fit, healthy One Direction lads are actually not as fit and healthy as we originally thought, what with Harry and his bad back and Niall and his dodgy knee.

Harry Styles Pilates

Harry Styles told The Sun: “I have bad posture,” which from numerous interviews we gather is from years of doing a paper round as a young whippersnapper.

Must have been great at the time, being out in the fresh air and all that, but now he is paying the price because he has to start doing the least macho form of exercise out there, as he explained to The Sun: “I’ve been told to take Pilates once a week.”

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Harry, don’t worry, we’ll come along with you, for, moral support.

Niall Horan's dodgy knee

And Niall Horan revealed his injury in a recent interview: “I dislocated my knee playing football one time. When I got check by the specialist I was told I’ve got a 67 per cent chance of walking down the street and my knee dislocating itself.”

Niall, buddy, we love you but we really don’t think we have strong enough stomachs to help you out. Worry not though; we’d totally make sure you get to a hospital.

We’re not heartless, just a bit squeamish.

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