One Direction's Harry Styles on cougars, his fit mum and being called 'Snugglebug'

Maybe it’s because he likes to model himself on Jeremy Clarkson, or that he thinks his mum, Anne, is a “beautiful woman”, but Harry Styles certainly hasn’t been put off dating the older lady.

When We Love Pop asked the One Direction fittie how old he’d go girlfriend wise, he replied: “No older than my mum and she’s 43. I love cougars though. Age is nothing but a number.”

And just like that a million 18-year-olds throw their moisturiser out the window.

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On the subject of Anne being a bit of a MILF and his band mates fancying her, Hazza said: “She’s a very beautiful woman. It was the same at school as well.”

Not that he’d care if she didn’t like a girlfriend: “It wouldn’t affect it too much, because if you like someone you like someone.”

So if you were Harry’s 43-year-old girlfriend who didn’t get on with Anne, what kind of behaviours should you steer clear of?

“If she called me something like ‘snugglebug’ it would make me cringe.”

That’s alright, we always had you pinned as a Bumblefluff.

Read the full interview with Hazza in We Love Pop magazine – out now!

IMAGES: We Love Pop

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