So Harry Styles can't be trusted with anything

We know you’re probably still recovering from last week’s dramatic tale of One Direction's Harry Styles and the not-so-good Samaritan, but we’re afraid to say, Scapers, that we have another nail biting story brought to you by his fit mum, Anne Cox.

It’s a tale of loss, travel and friendship and one which will leave you asking yourself, “Can Hazza Stazza actually be trusted to do anything?”

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Take it away Annie babes.

“He was with friends on Friday night and early sat morning we were contacted to say that he’d mislaid his bunch of keys which included his door keys, his house keys and also his car key,” she told Radio One.

Oh God, what next Anne? Please tell us there was a spare.

“So the spare car key was called for (phew), which on his last visit he’d left at home so we had to have a courier collect his car key from Cheshire and have it sent down to him in London.”

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Oh berrloody hell Hazza, next we’ll be hearing you that had responsibilities in London town that day.

“He was picking his sister up from the station so it had to be timed to do that, and he had to arrange to get the locksmith out to sort out getting the locks changed at home... And then he got a phone call from his friend and they found the key!”

Oh Anne, whatever will you do with him, eh? Chain it to his chastity belt?

At least that Louis Tomlinson fella seems like an upstanding citizen. Uh...

If One Direction were rock stars...

How good are One Direction at "doing moody"?

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