Ugh, we do NOT fancy Robert Pattinson in these pictures

When Robert Pattinson shaved his head, we got on board with it.

"Ok," we thought. "He's just cleansing himself of Edward Cullen and The Hair. It's fine, let him fly free and hairless."

But now we're not so sure.

robert pattinson with shaved head

Shallow we may be, but these pics of R-Patz outside a press conference for Bel Ami at the Berlin International Film Festival have left a bad taste in our mouths.


robert pattinson outside bel ami press conference at berlin international film festival

We wouldn't want out picture taken with him, we wouldn't swoon if he stood near us. In fact, we'd probably cross the street to get away from him.

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Plus he looks like he smells more.

Sigh. Now we miss The Hair.

robert pattinson shaved head compared to big hair

What about you guys, what do you think? Do we need to get over it or are we (as usual, heh) bang on the mark?

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PICS: Wenn / PA

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