One Direction's Harry Styles hits it off with multiple ladies at LFW?

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Directioners, there are very mixed reports about who Harry Styles actually danced with and who was left drooling after he walked past with his perfectly curled hair at London Fashion Week, but we’re gonna do our best to work it all out and explain it to you as best we can.

What we have done for you is three different play-by-plays of Harry’s evening, according to multiple websites, to see if we can work out what actually went down.

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Harry Styles at London Fashion Week

First up is Heatworld’s side of events. According to them, Harry went to Stella McCartney’s after show party with other guests including Kate Moss, Kanye West and Rihanna. But apparently Hazza only had eyes for Alexa Chung and proceeded to chat her up for the evening. (Fact or fiction, we do not know)

But he didn’t just settle for one lady at the party, because apparently he also danced with Poppy Delevigne, who is seven years older than him, just in case you were wondering.

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However, according to Grazia, they were actually both at the Aquascutum show (we definitely know Harry was there because we’ve seen the photos) and when they asked Poppy who would be her dream person to sit next to on the front row, she didn’t go for the usual fashion crowd:

“I want to sit on Harry Styles’ lap. I have a total crush on him. He walked past me at the Aquascutum show and I was salivating. I like his curly hair and he looks like a little cherub.”

Easy love, he’s ours. But at least that shows that Harry and Poppy’s paths did cross. But whether it was on the dance floor remains to be seen.

Harry Styles at London Fashion Week

Now, Harry Styles apparently hit it off a treat with another lady – Georgia May Jagger and according to The Star: “At the beginning of the night Harry and Georgia May tried to get into Stella McCartney’s fashion week party together but came too late and were refused entry.”

“To avoid photographers they then separated getting into different taxis to head to Stella’s after party at Mason’s Yard. In side, Georgia May was said to be following Harry around like a lovesick puppy.”

“Afterwards, they both left Mason’s Yard at 3:30am where they again got into different taxis to head to Kate Moss’ house where the party continued.”

So there you have it. Three versions of one evening. And unless Harry decides to reveal what really happened, we guess we’ll never know.

So until that day (which will never come), feel free to choose whatever version tickles your fancy, or better yet, make up your own.

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