PICS: One Direction get their pose on at Kings Cross St Pancras

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Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have got a weird new phone pose that we don't understand.

When One Direction set off to Paris yesterday from Kings Cross on the Eurostar, it was a lot calmer than what would be waiting for them when they tried to leave France.

So much quieter, in fact, that they had room to strike a few classic boyband poses, and a few that we don't get yet.

one direction's louis tomlinson and liam payne posing at kings cross station


Are they doing that "let's take a picture of you taking a picture and then we'll have a picture of a picture" thing? Or are they trying to get fruity phone contracts with Apple and Blackberry? Maybe on Orange?

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Who cares. They look fit and cuddly in their menswear winter catalogue clothes.

one direction at kings cross st pancras station

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one direction kings cross

"That's it boys, look casual, like you're just walking through the station with satchels and co-ordinated clothes, like you do on your days off..."

one direction at kings cross station st pancras

Are you loving the casual sauntering down the street as much as we are? Enjoying the relaxed squinting and playing of Angry Birds?

It's all pretty fun isn't it.

Things were a lot more hectic at Gare Du Nord station in Paris, click here to see the pictures

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