One Direction's Harry Styles gets Sanitary Towels posted under his front door

There seems to be a craze sweeping One Direction fans, whereby they don’t have anything normal to throw at the lad to show their love, like roses for example, so instead are chucking just about anything they have on them.

Harry Styles' Sanitary Towel post

It seems that Harry Styles is getting the brunt of this, what with Tampons and a huge bra flying in his direction while performing.

But he has now revealed that this behavior doesn’t stop when he gets off stage because fans even go as far as to post things under his front door.

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Harry told the Daily Star: “We get loads of love from fans pushed under the door because there isn’t really a letter box.”

“But the weirdest find was a sanitary towel with my name written on it.”

First of all, eww and second, whatever happened to writing people a nice letter?

Harry Styles' Sanitary Towel post

Ladies, we understand that they’ve stolen your heart and you want them so desperately, but in the future please, carry a notepad with you.

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Because if we have to write another story with any member of One Direction’s name and ladies things in the headline, we’re going to go flippin’ bonkers.*

*Joke. But not really.

This is not the first time One Direction have spoken about Sanitary Towels..

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