Justin Bieber's happy he wasn't aborted

Justin Bieber's fans were only too keen to shovel their love for him all over Twitter when he celebrated his 18th birthday last week, tweeting jubilant snippets of glee about his very existence.

One fan tweeted Justin's mum Pattie Mallette, telling her she was glad that Pattie chose not to abort Justin.

Bit full on?

justin bieber is happy he wasn't aborted

"Thank you so much for not abortin @justinbieber," [sic] she wrote.

"Im so grateful nd #ILoveYouSoMuch"[sic]

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"That was intense," replied Justin. Err, yes. Just a tad.

"umm. i guess im happy about that too"[sic]

justin bieber twitter screen grab happy he's not aborted

Justin Bieber made the headlines last year for talking about abortion to Rolling Stone magazine, where he was quoted as saying he doesn't believe in abortion, even if the mother was a victim of rape, because "everything happens for a reason."

He then claimed he was quoted incorrectly.

Bit of light reading for ya there!

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Images: PA / Twitter

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