Harry Styles on Caroline Flack: 'She is a lovely girl'

Seeing One Direction generally having a great time touring around America and Canada made us completely forget about all that Harry Styles and Caroline Flack drama that was left behind in the UK.

Until someone had to go and ruin the peace.

Harry Styles says Caroline Flack is a lovely girl

We really thought that everyone had managed to move on from the Haroline romance, which ended in January, but according to the Metro Green Room, Harry wants everyone to lay off his ex.

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He apparently said: “She is a lovely girl.”

Ok, so it’s nothing absolutely massive, but we’re pretty sure (unless Caroline wants to enlighten us) that there hasn’t really been any hating on the presenter as of late.

So it's still frustrating.

Harry Styles says Caroline Flack is a lovely girl

Anyway, we just thought we’d let you know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, Liam Payne's lovely girlfriend Danielle Peazer has been having a bit of a rough time online. Read all about that (and leave her some nice messages) here.

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