One Direction told off for smashing things up with their balls

It's rare that a trouble-free day with One Direction passes by, and when they were playing with their big heavy balls in New York, the boys managed to do a fair bit of damage.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have revealed how their label gave them a telling off after they managed to smash up a bowling alley. Nice one.

harry styles and louis tomlinson from one direction

The boys had headed down to a bowling alley after their gig in New York (which Harry said was "definitely the loudest place we've ever played), and started lobbing all their balls down the lanes at the same time, breaking all the machinery at the end. Ooops...

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"The whole thing came off its hinges," Louis told The Mirror.

"It totally broke. We got a slap on the hand and were told off by the label for that.

“We’d taken over a lane, played about two games and then got a bit bored, so we started an experiment - throwing two or three balls at the same time."

one direction at big time rush movie premiere

"It was really bad but quite funny," added Harry.

"But no one else thought so..."

Hopefully the game wasn't toally ruined and the boys all managed to score that night.

Good grief, Liam Payne does touch his crotch a lot doesn't he?

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