Channing Tatum was looking HOT at the 21 Jump St premiere

Channing Tatum headed down to the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood last night for the premiere of 21 Jump St with co-star Jonah Hill, and GOOD GRIEF HE LOOKED FIT.

channing tatum and jonah hill at 21 jump st premiere

Channing smartened up in a grey suit with a black tie and shoes, getting about as adventurous as you can with a suit (well, apart from the powder blue number in American Pie) by choosing a shirt with a plain white collar and pinstriped body.

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channing tatum at 21 jump st premiere

Oh yeah. He went there.

The film's released on March 16th, and sees Channing and Jonah play undercover police officers who have to pose as high school students to crack a case.

channing tatum in police man's uniform for 21 jump st

Which means we get to see him in uniform. Sweet.

Check out the trailer and more pics here

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