EXCLUSIVE: Jack Hargan on life as a Harry Styles lookalike

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Eighteen year old Jack Hargan from Dublin has had a pretty bizarre year. When a certain Harry Styles auditioned on the X Factor in 2010, people began to notice that Jack bore a little more than a passing resemblance to the curly whippersnapper.

"I wouldn’t say I look exactly like him," Jack told us. "A little bit of a similarity maybe.

"People started commenting after Harry did his first audition on the X Factor, but then the comments went away until One Direction released What Makes You Beautiful."

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Jack's always had the same hair as Harry - but says "it wasn't cool when I had it first," and most of the comments coming  his way - as you can probably guess - are pretty good.

"I get stopped in the street a good bit," Jack admits.

"It's mainly the younger girls, and they all want pictures which can get a bit akward. I never really know what to say."

Like any celeb (or celeb lookalike) Jack's found Twitter to be both his friend and enemy, but more importantly a useful tool to try and get Caroline Flack's attention with subtle messages such as this one;

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"People do say horrible things on Twitter, but who are they? I’m not trying anything. I just put up a picture as a joke to Caroline Flack, and it went crazy," Jack tells us.

"I had like 200 followers, then it trended, and I had 2,000, then 4,000.

"Most tweets I get are really nice, but you get the odd one going ‘who are you, Harry’s way better than you’ and stuff like that."

So, imagine if Jack actually met Harry (although we're pretty certain he's more concerned with getting close to The Flack), the world would probably implode in a mass of curls and hormones.

"I’ve actually met Niall and Zayn before," Jack tells us - pretty casually.

"I work in Dublin airport and they were coming through. I tried to get a picture with Harry but he wasn’t on the plane. Niall and Zayn were really nice lads, and said 'Oh, alright Harry!' But they were legging it for their flight so barely had time to get a picture."

Jack admits that he'd "love to get a picture with Harry", but at the moment his main priority is Harry's ex-girlfriend.

"I was hoping to get a tweet off Caroline Flack... but i literally don’t even know what I’d say to her if she did tweet me! It would be such a shock! But i hope that she does."

Ah go on Cazza, send Jack some Flack-love.

Jack takes a quick HARRY QUIZ:
Can you sing?: No

Do you like blazers or bow ties?: Ermm, I've wore a bow tie before, but blazers... not really.

Are you naked a lot?: Maybe! How do i answer that? I’d say yeah.

Do you have a very special bromance in your life?: I’ve got many male friends - I wouldn’t want to single one out because they’d all slate me!

Have you ever shagged someone 15 yrs older than you?: Sadly not yet, but if Caroline tweets me back she might have a chance!

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