Harry Styles had to have a vitamin injection in his bum!

One Direction might be off cuddling puppies and storming the American charts, but all that excitement might be starting to affect their health, with Harry Styles so run down that he's had to have vitamins injected into his bum.

Harry styles gets a vitamin jab in his bum

If they are one thing, it's committed to their fans, but One Direction's gruelling American tour and promotion schedule has left the lads feeling a bit under the weather.

Suffering from a sore throat and tiredness, Harry told The Mirror: "I get ill all the time - it's the travelling and long distance flights."

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Not wanting to let their fans down, One Direction have been making the most of every opportunity and being the heroic hottie that he is, Harry even took a needle in the bum for all you Directioners out there.

"Four of us had to have vitamin jabs because we were run down. I had mine in my bum. I do get homesick, too," he added.


One Direction have been feeling homesick

Despite not feeling his best, we would imagine that all the amazing American fans and the news about Up All Night going to number 1 in the US Billboard 200 chart will have cheered him right up.

We hope Harry and all the lads feel better soon, and that those vitamins work wonders in the lovely One Direction bums.

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