Niall Horan likes girls who don't wear make up. So there.

Ladies! Put down that eyeliner. Step away from that mascara. Because Niall Horan loves you without make-up, or as his crush Bruno Mars would say, just the way you are.

Niall Horan likes girls without make-up

This all may seem a bit confusing, but basically someone tweeted saying: ‘‘Don’t need make up, to cover up’ NEXT JOKE PLEASE BOYS’

and Niall replied: ‘well I like a girl who don’t wear make up [sic]’

Need we say more?

Well, we’re going to.

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That really is something we like to hear. Because sometimes putting on a full face of make-up makes us late for work. And that makes us sad.

But maybe Niall doesn’t like make up on girls because he prefers them if they have food smeared all over their faces?

That does worry us a bit; it’s not really a look we go for in public.

Niall Horan likes girls without make up

In short, we thank you Niall Horan, your lovely down-to-earth ways and liking girls without make up will save us a FORTUNE when we next hit the shops.

Thanks buddy.

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