Harry Styles' dreams come true as girls start dressing like Louis Tomlinson

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Harry Styles loves girls, we think that's a fair sweeping generalisation to say the least. Harry Styles also loves Louis Tomlinson, and it seems his prayers have been answered and his two loves combined, as Directioners have begun dressing like Louis.

kim kardashian dressed like louis tomlinson from one direction

We were going to put a picture of Frankie Sandford instead of Kim Kardashian, but that just looked like we hadn't even 'shopped it.

"In Boston we did a meet and greet and these five girls came dressed as each of us," Harry told The Mirror.

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"They do that a lot. It's cool."

He went on to say some less exciting stuff about being appreciative, which just gave us time to wonder what it would be like if Louis dressed as a girl for Harry, rather than girls dressing as Louis...

louis tomlinson photoshopped onto a girls body

"For us to even be here and have this kind of reaction is just incredible," said Hazza.

"People are being so, so nice and welcomed us so much, and for them to have taken the interest that they have in us feels pretty special."

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Whatevs. We're still thinking about Larry Stylinson;



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