Has Harry Styles fallen for an American fan?

Harry Styles is quite the charmer, that much we already know.

He’s already notched up relationships with Caroline Flack and manages to flick his curly hair into the hearts of many other girls.

But now, he has apparently fallen for someone more his own age. Except she’s American.

Harry Styles and an american fan?

A source told Now magazine:

"He saw her by the side of the stage with two girlfriends. He short her a wink and kept saying certain lines directly at her," said Now’s ‘tour insider’.

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"When the boys signed autographs for fans on the way out, he saw her again and went straight up to sign a CD she was holding.

“She’s around the same age as him and has shoulder-length brown hair and huge blue eyes. They spoke briefly before Harry and the boys were ushered away by bodyguards. (We know all about that)

"When he got on the tour bus, he revealed that she’d given him her number. Since then they’ve been in contact and he seems smitten.

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"It’s just harmless flirting but the boys have been winding him up about it and making little jokes about him finally going for someone his own age."

Harry Styles and an American fan?

We do agree, this is a bit of a first for old Hazza, what with him usually going for girls who are decidedly older than him.

But we do wonder what Caroline will be thinking of all these rumours..

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