Harry Styles and Caroline Flack are 'secretly hooking up'?!

We were worried that, because of One Direction’s monumental success in America, we were going to have to watch countless interview where they explain that they didn’t know each other before X-Factor, etc.

But there are now some other stories resurfacing that are probably better left in the past.

According to Hollywood Life, 17-year-old Harry Styles (YES, THEY WROTE 17 PEOPLE) is ‘still hooking up with a woman almost twice his age!’ - Caroline Flack.

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Don’t worry; we shook our heads in disbelief and anger as well.

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack rumours

An insider told Life & Style: “Harry got involved with Caroline in October. He even introduced her to his mother. Both their social circles were shocked at how fast they moves.”

The insider also revealed that the ‘hard-core One Direction fans’ were also sending Caroline death threats. Apparently Caroline was “pretty freaked out.”

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Really?! You’re only, like, 5 months too late with this information. Jeez.

Hollywood Life also went on to explain that they split up and proceeded to rewrite that tweet from Harry Styles about them mutually deciding to split.

We’re sure you know the one. However, the insider also claimed that Caroline and Harry have been secretly hooking up again.

According to the source: “There is a huge physical attraction between them. It’s made it hard for them to walk away from each other.”

Harry and Caroline Rumours

So there you have it folks - the Haroline story that we already knew, with a bit added on the end that we think is rubbish.

We hope you can all go back to having a nice day.

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