VIDEOS: One Direction's topless, rude Australian adventures

One Direction's filthy rich feet had barely landed on Australian soil before they were whipping their clothes off and getting wet with each other. HURRAH FOR AUSTRALIA.

Zayn was snapped having a moody stare out of his hotel room window with his shirt off and tatts out - obviously unaware that there'd be cameras anywhere, of course - before the boys headed off for a sea-bound voyage.

Before the shirtless heaven ensued and Liam got his big rod out (for fishing, tsk), 1D took some time out to lounge around on the deck, with a beer, in the sunshine, fake w*nking. As you do.

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Obviously it was only going to be a matter of time before Harry and Louis would be taking their clothes off anyway, and the rest of the boys joined in the slippery, wet fun. Considering they were on a boat, there was sea-men everywhere.

Oh, such larks. Thank you joyous person who put all the pervacious glory into a video. We feel like we'd get along.

We'll leave you on a favourite screengrab from the collection...

hary styles topless ona boat in australia, what's that balancing on there Harry?


Right, that's it from us, we need to go for a lie down. With these videos. Be right back.

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