VIDEOS: Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson go surfing in Australia

Australia is bringing One Direction's adventurous side out in force, as Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson head to Manly Beach in Sydney to have a go at surfing.

Turns out salty sea-dog hair and tight wetsuits are a pretty good combo.

"Louis got a massive one." Ahem.

Of course the boys were surrounded by fans, escoted by security guards and quizzed by the media during their down time, and Liam took the opportunity to say thanks to all the fans down undah.

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"Just a massive thank you really for being so supportive," he said, while dripping wet with his legs out on a beach. Just though we'd point that out.

"It's been mad since we've touched down here and really good. Really good. Thank you.

What a an absolute ball we're having watching the boys  live the dream around the world. It does make us miss them being in the UK though... so we'll be watching Louis and Liam's tender moment from our last interview and gently sobbing into our tea if you need us.

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