Niall Horan's dad talks about crazy fans and their bras!

Being in One Direction brings an influx of insanity that’s not just screaming, ovaries exploding and “LET ME TOUCH YOU OR I’LL DIE”. You’ll also have randoms turning up at your family home and wanting to see your bedroom – just ask Niall Horan’s dad, Bobby.

“A mother and daughter came from Canada. They wanted to see Niall’s room and where he lived. I was polite and let them take photos,” he told The Sun.

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“Another girl turned up from the US. She’d been driven here by her dad. It’s mad but I’m always polite. They’re the ones backing my boy after all.”

Yes they are backing him; but they may also want to steal him, lock him in a cupboard and use his DNA to make hundreds of evil Nialls that will take over the world. Just try and prove us wrong.

It’s not just Nialler’s bedroom that fans are interested in, they also want his little Irish hands all over their bras.

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“I’ve taken bras to him that have come with letters asking for them to be autographed. He does it with a smile. It’s all harmless stuff and keeps people happy.”

Niall if you ever want to sign our bras or what’s under our bras we’d... actually we’d rather not. We’d just find it a bit awkward. Also, we’ve only got a few bras so don’t really want one to be covered in Sharpie.

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