Chord Overstreet and Austen Butler look the same - but who's hotter?

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Ever since we started posting pictures of Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend made of hotness, Austin Butler you lot have been pointing out how much he looks like Glee star made of hotness, Chord Overstreet. We’re inclined to agree.

But like all those who look alike there is ALWAYS one that is hotter; just like Jay McGuiness is hotter than Susan Boyle; and Niall Horan *slightly* better looking than Ellen DeGeneres.

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It’s now time for you to decide who you think is fitter out of Chord and Austin. We know you come to Sugarscape for shiz and giggles but sometimes people, we need to get serious.

Here is Austin with a Vanessa Hudgens accessory on his arm. The position of his eyebrows is saying, "Yah, I know I'm hot, so fudging what?"

Not one to be intimidated by Austin's confident eyebrows, Chord's stare right back and say, "Dude, I invented hot. Fudge you."

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In this pic Austin has gone full on Overstreet. He doesn't even care who knows it.

Not one to enjoy having a look-alike Chord has disguised himself using brown hair dye and a pair of glasses. It was a noble effort but we think the problem lies in the massive pair of lips you both have.







Here's Austin with the Vanessa again. We're digging the sunglasses and side parting. Loads.

But Chord won't be beaten, so also gets himself spotted with a hot lady accessory in the form of Emma Roberts. Strong look.

So we've given you a detailed look over both actors' hotness, now it's up to you to decide who you prefer. Godspeed.


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