Niall Horan 'says One Direction all have self-doubt.'

Those One Direction boys have spoken out before about having some issues with their self-esteem, but you'd think becoming an international success (seriously, how weird was it watching an old guy on Australian news talking about them?) and a hit with women worldwide would have squashed any insecurities the boys might have.

Apparently not.

one direction at the logies

Metro Green Room are reporting some worried comments from Niall Horan, who has supposedly said;

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"I think, 'What's all the fuss about?' and 'Am I really that good looking?'

"We all have self doubt."

Er, Niall, YES YOU FRICKIN' ARE. We don't just give any old geezer the top spot on Sugarscape's Hottest Lads of 2011 you know. Jeez.

niall horan

But alas, the boys have spoken about thinking they're a bit mingtastic before - see the articles below and CRY.

Niall Horan: "My eyes are the only thing I like about myself"

Louis Tomlinson: "I'm not sure if there's anything sexy about the way I look"

Liam Payne: "Girls have made me cry"

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