Justin Bieber tweets his baby-daddy accuser Mariah Yeater

Over six months after Justin Bieber was accused of fathering a child with 'fan' Mariah Yeater (during 30 seconds of alleged hot love in a bathroom, nice), he's publicly addressed her for the first time, on Twitter.

justin bieber tweets maria yeater

After re-introducing a #RANDOMTWITTERHOUR where The Biebs talked about plums, Viagra and Swedish fish, he finished off with a little nod to Mariah, and a link to this video.

He also mentioned that the hidden meaning behind Boyfriend was "about the migration of birds," but we reckon the meaning behind this link might have been a bit more explicit to ol' M-Yeatz.

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justin bieber filming his new video

Justin arrived in London today so play industry types (and us, heh) his new album Believe, and do a short stint of promo.

The whole Mariah thing clearly hasn't bothered Selena Gomez too much, as she was snapped giving El Biebatron a good smooch at the basketball last week.

justin bieber and girlfriend selena gomez kissing at basketball game

Although she did pull a sour face when he played with a small child. Maybe that hit a nerve.

Click here to see the pics.

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Justin and Selena snogging against a fridge

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Images: PA / Wenn

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