EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron on people thinking he was "f**king insane"

As you all know, because we’ve told you at least a million times, Zac Efron is currently jetsetting his way around the world to promote his new film The Lucky One, a far cry from High School Musical and Hairspray might we add.

Zac Efron swears about The Lucky One

You see this film really is different from the other roles he has played and with lots more muscles and sexy scenes involved, Zac told us about the process of finding such a different part to play.

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"I made a conscious effort to wait and really hone in on roles that would sort of be unexpected and directors that I’d be lucky to work with," he explained.

"Everyone else just thought we were insane."

"You know, going against that, you should have seen that, just the reactions we got, like ‘are you f**king insane?'"

Zac Efron speaks exclusively to Sugarscape about being insane and The Lucky One

Surely not Zac.

We would never think that you were insane. In fact we think you've got pretty good taste..

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So what do you think of that then? Will you be seeing The Lucky One? Comments below please!

Zac Efron looking lush in The Lucky One TV Spot

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