Justin Bieber hit Siva Kaneswaran in the nuts!

It looks like The Wanted have finally met their match when it comes to being dirty boy pranksters – step forward Justin Bieber.

This week el Biebo confessed that he hit Siva Kaneswaran in the balls just because it was funny. Now we don’t have them, but we’ve often got the impression that being whacked in the balls doesn’t result in great hilarity.

“I hit Siva in the nuts the other day,” he told Capital FM.

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“We were all hanging out at this shoot... I was there too and we were backstage and he was walking so I just hit him in the balls.

“Max was laughing, it was funny.”

Justin might want to start doing a bit of backpedalling though, as Siva Diva took to Twitter to very publically pledge revenge.

“A lot of talk about my balls and @justinbieber ... Damn JB revenge is gonna be sweet buddy”

Uh yeah Justin, if any member of TW say they’re going to get revenge we’d take it pretty seriously. May we suggest getting Jerry some protection for the time being? Maybe you can make him some armour in the style of your old mushroom haircut. Not only would it give good coverage it will also bring some novelty value and we all love a bit of that.


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