2000 Justin Bieber fans jam his London hotel phonelines

We've heard some pretty imaginative ways that fans have tried to get close to their idols in the past, but the tricks all you Beliebers have been coming up with to get near to Justin Bieber since he arrived in London really have taken the biscuit.

Justin Bieber getsmobbed and fans jam his london hotel telephone line

Since the moment Justin stepped off the plane and onto British soil, girls have been falling over his neon pink trainers to cop a feel of the mighty Biebernator. It turns out that his fans are pretty clever too and according to reports, over 2000 girls have called the hotel where he's staying, hoping to be put through to his room.

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Funnily enough, despite girls pretending to be relatives, friends from home and even his personal stripper, the hotel receptionist is yet to fall for it.

A source told the Sun: "Justin's fans are relentless - they will do anything to get near him.

"The phones haven't stopped ringing since he arrived.

"Staff knew there would be pandemonium, but not to this extent."

Justin Bieber gets mobbed outside hotel

Well Justin may look like he' wasn't particularly enjoying the attention as he battled his way through the mob to attend an interview at Kiss FM, but he hasn't exactly been putting fans off.

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Soon after arriving at the beginning of the week, the Biebs decided it would be a good idea to flash his abs at the horde of Beliebers crowded outside. Obviously they all went nuts and there were swooning piles of quivering jelly-like girls right, left and centre.

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