Harry Styles reveals his dream cougars and what he likes girlfriends to wear

In an ideal world, we’re sure Harry Styles would probably be very happy having an older lady hanging off his arm every day of the week. But have you ever wondered which cougar he would love to love?

Well, don’t sit there and ponder that thought any longer, because Harry knows and has shared it with the world.

Harry Styles talks Cougars

According to The Sun, Harry told them that if he had the pick of the world’s older ladies, he would totally go for Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet.

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To be honest, we’re a little surprised at those choices. Is there no one in the music industry he would like to try it on with?

Well, no, and he added: ‘Sorry – it’s a no on Madonna and Kylie’ just to make sure everyone got that message.

Harry Styles on cougars

However, the subject then turned a little more serious, as he discussed what he liked his girlfriends to wear: “I like my girlfriends to wear black lingerie... definitely.”

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Crikey, he’s very sure about that one. Whatever happened to not ‘objectifying women’ or whatever he told Alan Carr all those months ago?

He also wanted to let girls everywhere know: “I’m not really a pick-up line guy – I don’t know what I do.”

So don’t you all be expecting a smooth talking Harry Styles to rock up and win you over.

He’ll probably just be a quivering wreck mumbling something about black undies.

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