Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards - it's official!

It seems that another member of One Direction is officially off the market *sob* after a loose-lipped source confirmed that Zayn Malik is in a relationship with Little Mixer Perrie Edwards.

We’re actually rather happy at this piece of news. Not only do the pair make a pretty darn cute couple, but we’ve also FINALLY managed to think of a good name-smoosh - Zerrie – and it would be a shame to waste it really.

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Zayn malik and perrie edwards confirmed in a relationship

A source close to the couple told The Mirror: “It’s true – they’re a couple and are happy to come out and tell people now.

“They’ve only been dating for a few months as they were just friends before then.

"That all changed the last time Zayn was back in the UK in February, when they met up and realised it was more than that.”

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards officially in relationship

The love-birds met and became friends on the X Factor last year, when they recorded a charity single together. Rumours of romance were dashed however, when Perrie said she was too busy for a relationship.

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Well, it seems she’s managed to free up some time in her life for 19-year-old Zayn, as the pair went on a date to the cinema to rekindle the flame.

How do we know? Well because Zerrie took to twitter to tell us all about it of course!

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards in a relationship

Perrie tweeted: “Just went to see avengers assemble and it was #boring. Good night though! xD @zaynmalik”

To which Zayn replied: “@PerrieLittleMix yeah tonight was fun lets do it again sometime ;) x x”

Look, he did a cheeky winky face and everything.

The date must have gone well, because that gossip-loving source revealed that the couple will be spending A LOT more time together.

Zayn Malik in a relationship with Perrie Edwards

“One Direction are currently on two weeks’ holiday and Zayn has told Perrie he wants to spend as much time with her as possible before the guys head off on tour again," said the source.

“Obviously, she’s more than keen to say yes!”

Zayn joins Louis and Liam in the 1D boyfriend brigade, leaving just Harry and Niall as the group's singletons.

Ahh, young love. Aint it grand?

Oooo Zayn Malik and Little Mix's Perrie Edwards go on a date!

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