One Direction reveal who will be the first to get married!

If someone were to ask us which member of One Direction would be the first to get married, we’d answer Liam Payne straight away, for obvious dad based, sensible man reasons.

During an interview with some chipper Australians called Fifi and Jules the boys were asked that very question.

Straight away Liam raised his hand and nodded in the only way a man who wants to put a ring on it can, as the others agreed; but then suddenly, suddenly Liam said: “Maybe Niall will just come in and...”

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“Yeah Niall would pull it out the bag,” cut in Louis Tomlinson.

“But he would tell us, he’s just come in one day and be like [in terrible Oirish accent] ‘Sure boys, I got married the other day’.”

Niall didn’t disagree with any of this, nodding along and happily concluding that he’d probably do it Las Vegas.

So there you have it. Nialler may or not be taking a wife soon, we probably won’t know about it and neither will she.

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