Louis Tomlinson nearly causes car crash racing Conor Maynard

While we'd imagine that One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is spending most of his holiday  shopping for stripey t-shirts and writing poetry about Harry Styles, he's still got time for a spot of rockstar behaviour, starting by racing Conor Maynard in his brand new Aston Martin.

Conor Maynard and Louis Tomlinson have a speed date on the race course

Enjoying his time off, Louis apparently turned up for a race day earlier this week and (bringing his friend Stan along for the ride), apparently took to the track in a head to head race against the one and only Conor Maynard.

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"Louis is really into his cars and found himself racing against new lad Conor," an insider told The Sun.

"He wanted to win and almost spun off the track because he was going so fast."

We're not sure we can imagine any of Louis' pals calling Conor the "new lad," but that sounds proper mental all the same.

Apparently all's well that ends well, and the source added: "Luckily Louis recovered his composure and took the title."

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Well thank goodness for that. We wouldn't want him to lose face in front of Stan now would we? Plus we definitely don't want any damage done to Luigi or Conor's dreamy little faces, thankyou very much.

Louis Tomlinson nearly crashes his car racing Conor Maynard

It sounds like the lads had such a good time that there might be a new musical bromance on the horizon.

Tweeting Louis after, Conor said: "Sorry I haven't tweeted all day guys!! Phones been off, was nice to meet @Louis_Tomlinson though! pretty sick day off.. #NeedForSpeed." [sic]

Watch your back Harry Styles..

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