Louis Tomlinson isn’t the most mysterious person we’ve come across, and that’s fine. Not everyone can be Zayn Malik, or have extra nipples and testicles like Harry Styles.

However, the One Direction singer has been keeping a secret and holding something back for a while now.

“I am 1/8 Belgian. It’s a secret that I’ve had embedded in my life for a long time,” he told Australian radio hosts Fifi and Jules, proud of his exotic blood.

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This revelation threw the Sugarscape office into disarray, 1/8 Belgian? we cried, while having flashbacks of maths and trying to draw charts of grandparents to work out Louis’ heritage.

Just as we finally worked out where the Flemish was in the Tomlinson bloodline (a great grandparent?), the Tomlinator only went and tweeted this:

WHAT? HOW? WE DON’T UNDERSTAND. STOP TALKING AT US IN MATHS. The caps were completely appropriate then.

Would the real Louis Tomlinson please step forward?

In the meantime let’s all take a look at our favourite piece of Belgian iconography.

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