Louis Tomlinson: "Our fans touch us in strange places"

Judging by some particular blog links we get sent about One Direction fans doing certain things to themselves, it's fair to say that Directioners are largely a filthy bunch of filth-mongers.

So it's not really surprising that Louis Tomlinson's said he's been touched in some strange places by some fans, and no doubt Harry Styles as well. "Mob mentality" and all that.

louis tomlinson in pyjama trousers

"Some would call our fans crazy, but we feel they are passionate,” he told the Daily Star.

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“They do like to touch us and feel us, and it is a bit strange. Some of the lads have been touched in some unusual places.

“Our bodyguards can only do so much." Yeah, it figures that some twenty-five stone stacks of muscle would be rendered helpless by some enthusiastic girls. It must get intense.

harry styles at the airport

"No-one has sustained any injuries yet, but you never can be too careful," Louis went on. Yes, using the word "sustained" apparently. That'll be Liam Payne's influence.

“Sometimes passion can come across as something different," added Zayn.

Er, judging by those blogs, it's coming across everything.

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