Niall Horan's dad: "He's never had a girlfriend & isn't a virgin"

Niall Horan's dad has told Heat magazine that Niall's never had a real girlfriend. We've all read it and made this noise; "meeeuuuggghhh??"

"He never really brought girls home," said Bobby.

"He had some girls that were friends and they would all sit on the wall outside together, but that was all."

niall horan out in mullingar

Er, this is all a bit contradictory to pretty much everything we've ever written in our lives, and indeed THIS video where Niall himself tells us all about the girl he went out with before he was on the X Factor.

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"He went to an all-boys' school so it was hard to meet girls, but that's certainly changed now," Bobby went on.

"I don't believe he's a virgin. I couldn't say. I wasn't in the house all the time, so I don't really know what went on when I wasn't there."

niall horan mullingar

Maybe he didn't realise Niall had a girlfriend? Only t'other week Niall's ex Holly was being abused on Twitter, and his mum Maura Gallagher's even opened up and told everyone about his pre-X Factor gal pal here.

This is all very bizarre. Not least because his dad is talking about his virginity...

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