Zayn Malik wouldn't lie about being in a relationship with a fan

While we have oodles of semi-reliable information about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ relationship, it would seem that neither of them are actually going to confirm that they’re seeing one another.

Zayn Malik would tell the truth about a relationship

However, it seems that, if Zayn was in a relationship with a fan, he would only be too happy to tell everyone the truth about it.

He explained to Top of The Pops:

‘No, you shouldn’t keep it a secret just because she’s a fan. If she’s your girlfriend, then she’s your girlfriend.’

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Zayn also decided to explained that he has never lied about a relationship he’s been in with anyone before:

‘No, I’ve always been honest about that. What’s the point of lying? You’ll just get found out and then you’ll look an idiot.’

Well, we suppose he’s never lied, but he’s never really been forthcoming with the truth, right?

Zayn Malik would tell the truth about a relationship

We suppose it’s a tricky situation to be in, because technically he should be allowed some privacy.

But if the Directioners want to find out something, they sure will.

We’re right, aren’t we?

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