Harry Styles 'bullies' Ed Sheeran on twitter

Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are good friends, as we all know. Such good friends, in fact, that Harry managed to get his hands on a rather funny video of Ed.

We’ve all got them – photo albums stuffed full of cringeworthy childhood photos, and stacks of mortifying home videos that should have been destroyed yonks ago.

Harry Styles bullies Ed Sheeran on twitter

Fortunately*, we don’t have a very famous curly-haired friend who thinks it’s hilarious to post said embarrassing material on twitter. Which it is, obvs.

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Yep, it seems Harry unearthed an old video of pal Ed appearing in a version of Grease: The Musical - before he was a) and adult and b) really famous.

So naturally, Hazza posted pics all over the internet.

HArry Styles posts Ed Sheeran childhood photos online

Harry tweeted this photo, along with the caption: “Just casually watching @edsheeran playing ‘Roger’ in Grease…”

Awww, doesn’t Ed look sweet? Harry also posted a second pic, entitled "Lily + Ed" - proving that the 'Lego House' singer was rocking the stage from an early age.

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Harry Styles post embarrassing photos of Ed Sheeran online

He added: “@edsheeran if you’re ever mean to me, I have the video of you dancing to ‘Go Grease Lightning’ do you think anyone would like to see that?”

YES. YES WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT. So very, very much.

One fan jokingly told Hazza to ‘stop bullying’ Ed, but he admitted that wasn't an option.

“I can’t help it," he tweeted. "There’s too many videos of thrusting".

Luckily Ed took the ribbing very well, simply tweeting a rather random: "@HarryStyles my dad likes you."

Harry Styles bullies Ed Sheeran on twitter

We think you had better get on the phone to Foxy Coxy, Ed – we’re sure she has truckloads of embarrassing videos of little Harry Styles hanging about that we’d all just LOVE to see.

What do you think 'scapers, should Ed get revenge on his mickey-taking friend?

*Actually, Harry Styles could post every single naked baby picture of us on fifty foot high billboards, and we’d still be friends with him. Just saying.

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