Harry Styles' mum Anne Cox: 'Harry is a very romantic guy'

Before we get on with anything else, we feel the need to once again reiterate how much we love Anne Cox for bringing the oh so lovely Harry Styles into the world. Thanks Foxy Coxy, you’re a diamond.

Next, we want to say that we think it’s just about the cutest thing ever to hear that Harry and his mum are so close. It’s super sweet.

Harry Styles and his mum Anne Cox

And just to make us even more jealous of that fact that she has the perfect son, Anne just wanted to let us all know how well Harry treated her and therefore, how good a boyfriend he will be. She told Teen Now:

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‘Harry’s a very romantic guy. If I’d had a particularly bad day at work I’d come home to find he’d run me a bath and surrounded it with candles and even cooked me a meal. He just used to usher me out of the kitchen and say he’d got it all under control.’

Aw Harry, you’re an ANGEL. And Anne, you're right, those skills will make him a brilliant boyfriend.

Anne also explained that Harry and her got very close after Gemma, Harry’s sister, left for University:

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‘It was just the two of us. I went through a very hard time when his sister left for university – it was like I was going through empty nest syndrome. I was alone in the house with Harry for a year so we got even closer.'

Harry Styles and Anne Cox

Anne continued: ‘When he left, a similar thing happened. It was a weird feeling. But now I can just walk into a newsagents to see a picture of him.’

So, if all you Directioners would like to take a minute to say a big huge thank you to Anne for letting us ‘borrow’ her son and parade him around for the whole world to see, then now would be the perfect time.

THANKS ANNE, WE OWE YOU BIG TIME. Love from Sugarscape xx

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