PICS: One Direction's band Josh Devine, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales & Jon Shone arrive in San Diego

One Direction are in the middle of a massive tour across the USA, and have obviously brought their gorgeous band along with them.

The musical maestros Josh Devine, Sandy Beales, Jon Shone and Dan Richards were snapped arriving at San Diego airport last night.

josh devine and one directions band in san diego

By the sounds of things they headed straight out to a restaurant, and then for some nautical adventures with Liam 'Danger' Payne.

"Ridiculous night out on a boat in San Diego, @Real_Liam_Payne even caught a shark, yeah a shark, It's my main phobia but I gave it a stroke," tweeted Sandy, in what we're sure was in no way a euphemism.

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josh devine, dan richards, sandy beales, jon shone from one directions band

"Had a late night fishing trip... @Real_Liam_Payne caught a baby tiger shark. felt very weird to touch such a killer," tweeted Josh.

We can only assume he was talking about touching Liam, the badass mofo that he is.

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