One Direction treated to dinner by Gordon Ramsay

Most Directioners will be aware of the fact that Niall Horan loves his food.

From time to time, he's also been known to complain about the lack of decent grub while on tour. Yes, we are talking about that vegemite incident.

Gordon Ramsay treats One Direction to dinner

Well, luckily for Niall and the rest of the One Direction gang, Las Vegas proved to be a massive hit in the food-stakes.  Or should that be food STEAKS? Gosh, we do make ourselves laugh sometimes.

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Yep, super-chef and fellow Brit Gordon Ramsay treated the lads to a slap up dinner before their Las Vegas gig, at his steak restaurant - RamsaySteak. That's an inventive name.

Gordon tweeted: "@onedirection having a bite @ramsaysteakLV before their gig !!" and posted this photo on twitter to prove it all actually happened too, which was nice.

One direction treated to dinner by Gordon Ramsay

Look – there’s some extra places set just for us.

Niall seemed the most impressed by the posh dinner (of course he did) tweeting: “@GordonRamsay01 great to meet ya today dude, thanks for the steak, been waiting for food like that for a long time! Musch appreciated![sic]"

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Gordon Ramsay cooks for One Direction

And he told US radio station 104.7 Kiss FM: “We met Gordon Ramsay – we were in Vegas and he invited us to his restaurant. He’s one of the top dogs that we always wanted to meet.”

Nice one Gord. Now let’s all practise our cooking skills so that Niall will love us.


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