One Direction chucked out of Las Vegas casinos for being under age

There are a lot of perks the come with being a member of One Direction. World fame, thousands of girls screaming your name, pots of cash, yada yada yada.

The downside is that everyone knows how old you are – as the boys found out when they were apparently chucked out of a load of Las Vegas casinos for being under 21.

One Direction chucked out of Las Vegas Hotels

A source told The Sun: "The boys were hoping to go wild in Vegas by boozing and gambling into the early hours.

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“But security at every casino in town knew who the lads were and threw them out because the legal drinking and gambling age in the US is 21.”

Yeah, trying to sneak past security when your faces are plastered all over TV/the internet/THE WORLD probably wasn’t the best idea.

One Direction with facial hair

Perhaps the boys should have dressed up as Juan Direction? They look about 40 in this photo.

Even more disappointingly, 1D reportedly thought they’d booked themselves into the same suite used in The Hangover, before finding out Bradley Cooper and co actually filmed in LA. Bummer.

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“Finding out the hotel suite they had ordered wasn’t the one in The Hangover was also pretty annoying,” said the source.

One Direction chucked out of Las Vegas Hotels

However, 1D management did try to make it up to the guys, by forking out a whopping $16,000 dollars for a suite at Vegas Hotel Palms. Apparently, the suite had TWO WHOLE FLOORS, a hot-tub, pool table and basketball court.

Erm, it sounds bigger than our house.

What do you think about all this? One thing's for certain - if 1D were to recreate the hangover, Liam would TOTES be Stu the dentist.

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