Harry Styles: 'I like knickers'

This will come as no surprise to all you Directioners, but Harry Styles has now officially revealed that he likes knickers.

Girl’s knickers, to be exact.

Isn’t that funny? We never would have guessed.

Harry Styles likes knickers

Liam however, doesn’t share Harry’s love of undergarments because, according to Daddy Directioner, they become a bit of a safety hazard when they land on the stage during a show:

‘We’ve nearly fallen over knickers on stage.’

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FYI Liam, most lads who kill to have a pair of knickers thrown in their face. But that’s just what we’ve heard.

Obviously, Harry doesn’t share the same mentality at all, keeping it short and sweet with:

‘I like knickers.’

Good to know Harold.

Harry Styles likes knickers

We haven’t seen all that much video evidence to suggest that One Direction have been subject to severe knicker downpour on stage, but we’ll take their word for it.

Anyway, it seems that Harry gets quite a lot of bras thrown his way on stage, so at least that’s something he can be happy about.

Harry Styles catches a bra on stage

Harry catches a bra AGAIN on stage (at another show)

Erm, Harry get’s something thrown at him which isn’t a bra. Or knickers.

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