PICS: One Direction are back on British soil!

We’re sure all Directioners will be pleased to hear that, after a mammoth tour, One Direction are finally back in the UK.

They arrived in London this morning to a crowd of fans who, according to multiple tweets, decided it would be a great idea to applaud the lads rather than scream at them. And we say, HOORAY – that was a very good idea.

Here’s an action shot of them arriving at the airport earlier on..

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One Direction arrive home 

As you can probably see, Zayn is carrying a skateboard – is that what the Bradford Bad Boy is using to get about these days? Makes a change from that scooter he was on with Perrie.

Anyhoo, Liam wore his now trademark cap and baggy shorts for the impromptu meet 'n’ greet at the airport and stopped to take photographs with fans before being lead away.

One Direction arrive home

Of course it wasn't just Liam at the airport, the other lads were there too (apart from Louis, but we'll get to that in a minute) but as much as we love dear Harry Styles, he was looking a little worse for wear today. Just look..

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One Direction arrive home

Don’t worry Harry; we all have our off days.

A very happy Liam decided to commemorate being back home with a little tweet dedicated to Family Guy.

One Direction arrive home

Niall also tweeted about a television show (which makes us think that this is all they spend their time doing)..

One Direction arrive home

Now we feel we must inform you that at this time, it is not known where Louis is, as he was not spotted arriving in London with the rest of the lads.

However, Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder were spotted at the airport and presumably they don't just spend their Tuesdays there for kicks?

We reckon Louis has probably gone on holiday with Kevin or something, so there's absolutely no need to worry.

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