Liam Payne wants fans to gerrof 'is land

It's been a tough year hasn't it? Waiting for One Direction to get the frick home after swanning off around the world on tours and what not. Lying awake at night wondering when we'll get the chance to measure Zayn Malik's hair again, offer Niall Horan a snack, make fun of Louis Tomlinson's shoes, or just stand outside one of their houses and poke letters in the door.

Er, yeah, we don't know how that last one got in there.

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liam payne tells fans to leave his house

Liam Payne has been experiencing the love of One Direction fans to an extreme extent (not bonking them, you filthy things), as they've been camping outside his house.

"hi i just wanna say i love you guys and all bt having strangers knock on my door and notes pushed through at 11 pm can be a little bit scary,"[sic] he tweeted last night.

"i know you guys would feel the same about people knocking on your door you don't know so please don't come to my address much love liamxx"[sic]

liam payne tells fans to leave his house

Liam's recently been snapped house hunting in swanky Primose Hill in London, where Harry was seen looking for a pad to drop his millions on a few weeks ago. Might wanna keep that move a bit low-key then ey Paynester?

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