Liam Payne: "I have the best dance moves in One Direction"

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It's not every day that we hear something from Liam Payne different to "we had a lovely time" or "be quiet and settle down now you scamps," but TODAY seems to be the start of a new dawn of challenging times and brazen words from One Direction's Captain Sensible, as he claims;

"I have the best dance moves - I'm the king of the dancefloor!"

liam payne from one direction leaving sony in london


Dare he cross Louis 'pat the dog and screw the lightbulb' Tomlinson?

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Is he even thinking of challenging Zayn 'born again move-master' Malik?

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"My signature dance move is the 1-2-3 flick," Liam revealed to TOTP mag. "You'll find it all over the internet, and I once did the worm for oir tour manager at an Irish wedding.


"I did it from standing up, but I'm about 1.8m tall so I bashed my chin on the floor! I'm incredibly clumsy."

Well, who can argue with swag like that?

It's One Direction singing Black Eyed Peas at their tour manager's wedding!

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