Conor Maynard: "If you're not perfect, it doesn't make a difference to me"

Conor Maynard may wear his trousers at questionable levels and balance his hat dangerously on top of his hair sometimes, but the dude knows what he's talking about when it comes to confidence.

Channelling his inner Gok Wan, he spoke to TOTP mag about girls, saying "There's no point in being shy - just rock the look you want to. Be confident in yourself."

conor maynard doesn't like perfect girls

"If [girls are] shy because they think guys are not going to want to look at them, they shouldn't worry. There'll always be a guy who's watching, and every guy has different taste, so it doesn't matter what you look like.

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"My message to them is, don't cover up just because you think you don't look perfect. It doesn't make a difference to me.

"Wear a bikini if you want to, don't be shy - rock it!"

conor maynard doesnt like perfect girls

Conor admits that he has insecurities of his own, too. "If I put my index fingers together they bend away from each other. It's really weird," he admitted.

"I try not to show them to people, cos I'd never hear from them again! The little mole under my eye looks like a Coco Pop and [girls] think it's quite cute... or they think it's disgusting, but normally they think it's cute."

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Watch Conor chat to us about girls here

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