One Direction: 'We'll get naked for charity'

It's no secret that certain members of One Direction *cough HARRY STYLES* like to take all their clothes off and commue with nature from time to time. But it sounds like the sight of all 5 of their naked bottoms might not be something that has to be kept hidden by their net curtains for much longer as the lads have admitted that if it was for charity, they would definitely consider getting their kit off.

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One Direction would get naked for the general public. But only if it was for chairty.

Turning up in Liverpool for their Radio City Live gig yesterday, the lads discussed all sorts of things during an interview with radio station 96.7. But to be honest, after hearing them discussing the possibility of some casual nudity, we couldn't exactly focus on much else they were saying, even if it did involve the possibility of collaborating with Labrinth and Little Mix.

Check out the video for yourself..

What do you think about all that then? Can you imagine them taking their undercrackers off in some sort of choreoraphed sexy dance?

Comments below please!

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